• Kelly C.

    "The best pho in town!! I have tried other places and nothing compares to them. I love walking in and being greeted by the employees so welcoming. They have great service. I try something new on the menu almost every time and I'm never disappointed. I miss the hard boiled eggs but I can eat there everyday."

  • Vuoch. L.

    "After urgent care visit at Kaiser , brought my daughter here for lunch . The staff here today 6/1/2023 were awesome. We were seated right away , the waiters were patience with my daughter, they came back 2 more times to give my daughter time to decide what she wanted. Pho broth today was spot on , had enough aroma of spices and the broth were piping hot , not overly salty. I recommend to have the beansprouts blanched . Taste so much better and it doesn't cool down the broth quickly as it would with the raw beansprouts. "

  • Yarely N.

    "This is definitely the spot to go to for great food in fontana. Pho hits the spot specially on a rainy day. Service is pretty quick most of the time, there's a lot people waiting for take out. The Ambiance is family friendly, we take our kids all the time. This night we have the #6 rare beef pho which is great, serving size is generous, the #79 charbroiled pork, shrimp and with egg rolls, I substitute vermicelli for egg noodles (personal preference) and the Thai Tea with boba is amazing Rare Steak Pho Egg Rolls"

  • Tania T.

    "Heard about Fontana Pho from a family member who is a chef. Decided to try it since we were out here... and WOW!!! I haven't rated a pho restaurant a 5 because I haven't found the best one until today!!! Wow the BROTH was amazing!!! Spot on and so flavorful. I ordered the small "pho tai" which is the rare beef with rice noodle soup, hubby ordered a large bowl. My brother in law ordered the same while my sister in law ordered a tofu pho and the kiddos just got a regular bowl with just soup and noodles. This by far is the best pho I've had. We also ordered a Vietnamese coffee, peach tea and pineapple shake with boba. Everything was amazing! Our host/waiter was super nice and we were seated super fast. We arrived on a Saturday night close to closing (like 30-45min before). Didn't realize they closed at 9pm but they were nice and took us in. We sat down, ordered and we literally got our food in like 5 min. We were shocked at how fast that happened. Anyways I would most definitely recommend this pho restaurant. I don't know what the rest of the week looks like as how busy it is but on a Saturday night it wasn't busy at all. Masks are not required and there is a lot of seating room. The prices were very affordable and inexpensive - our small bowls were around $10 and large bowls were like $12. Drinks were around $4 or $5 I forget. Our brother in law paid so I didn't get a total price but this was perfect - not expensive just perfect. We live in Chino, but the drive (20 min or so) is well worth it! We will definitely be returning! Thanks for having us and serving amazing food! Compliments to the chef!!! The Trang family will return soon!! :)"

  • Ashley R.

    "This was my first time coming here and I wanted some Pho cause my throat has been a little scratchy lately due to the weather. I tried calling but Fontanas high winds want to knock out connections and WiFi which make it a mess sometimes in the area, definitely not the restaurants fault. When I arrived there were quite a few people dinning a couple waiting on to go orders. Very nice and cozy feel. I ordered the chicken Pho and the combination rice that had shrimp and rice. Now there were a couple more shrimps in there but I ate them before the photo, although I do believe they should add more than just two shrimp in there. Nonetheless, it was one of the best fried rice dishes I have had in the area since moving out here to the IE. The Chicken Pho was delicious, I typically go for the brisket but because I felt a little scratchy throat I thought chicken would be better. Pho was amazing good as well. I would highly recommend trying this spot out if you're in the area. I will definitely be coming back to try out other menu options!"

  • Jeanne W.

    "This is a solid Vietnamese restaurant with good grilled meats and rice dishes. I got the #37 Com Dac Biet Fontana which has a bit of everything in it. It has grilled chicken, pork, shrimp, and beef, with a steamed egg and meat dish, and shrimp in tofu skin. Everything was cooked well and flavorful. The grilled shrimp were especially plump. The tofu skin was very crispy, much like a pastry. I like to get either a soda lemonade or an iced coffee with my meal. Both beverages were refreshing. I will return to try their pho the next time I am in the area. This seemed to be their most popular dish by the number of people at other tables who ordered it."

  • Thamara N.

    "Amazing service. Clean restaurant. We ordered an appetizer and no. 8 and no. 12. Delicious. I loved that the broth came out piping hot. This is how a bowl of pho should be served everywhere. Highly recommended!"