Vietnamese Cuisine

When it comes to Vietnamese cuisine, there's nothing quite like ours. We pride ourselves in sourcing the best ingredients around, ensuring that you're getting only the freshest, most delicious meal.


Our pho is one of the tastiest in the Fontana area! We put a lot of passion into making sure that you are getting the highest quality pho in town. We use fresh ingredients to give our pho its distinct flavor and aroma. Whether you want chicken pho or rare beef pho, our phos are packed with a traditional blend of spices, herbs, vegetables, and noodles, all cooked to perfection. You'll be able to taste our chefs' passion for cooking with every bite. Visit Fontana Pho today for a delicious meal!


Fontana Pho prioritizes providing customers with a great coffee experience. Our coffee beans are carefully selected, making our coffee exceptionally aromatic with a rich, full-bodied flavor. Our team expertly brews each cup of coffee to perfection. Whether you prefer it traditional or blended with condensed milk, Vietnamese coffee offers an unrivaled journey into the heart of Southeast Asia's coffee culture. We offer a welcoming space to enjoy your coffee at affordable prices, and our team can help suggest a drink you will love if you need assistance. Our Vietnamese restaurant also serves egg rolls made with the freshest ingredients! Come visit us today in Fontana!


Our restaurant takes pride in serving Vietnamese spring rolls that are authentic and delicious. We use only the freshest ingredients to ensure that every spring roll we serve is bursting with flavor. Our chefs are passionate about bringing traditional flavors and techniques from their homeland into each dish they make. We believe that everyone should have access to great Vietnamese food at an affordable price. Indulge your palate and let our chefs take you on a journey through the tastes associated with spring rolls. Visit our Vietnamese restaurant today in Fontana!